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Murray Hill Theatre and the Fringe Cafe are both representations of Murray Hill Ministries a 501(c)(3) organization.


Are minors allowed to shows?

All our shows are all ages events however some of our events are more appropriate for teens aged 16 years old or older.

How do I get booked at Murray Hill Theatre?

If you are a new artist to Murray Hill Theatre, it is preferred that you send an email inquiry to for a SPECIFIC date.  Please do not call or send a message through Facebook regarding booking.  We receive numerous requests and it takes time to review each submission, we ask for your patience during this process. Please refer to our Booking Info page here on our website to review our booking policies.

When do shows start?

This depends on the show, style of entertainment, number of opening acts, and what else is happening at the Murray Hill Theatre that night. Check your tickets or our website for that night’s start time.

Where can I get tickets to Murray Hill Theatre shows?

Tickets can be purchased online at, or in-person at our Box Office on show nights (open during concert hours ONLY). You may purchase tickets to any of our upcoming shows when our Box Office is open. Please refer to the Tickets page here on our website for more info.

When are you open?

Murray Hill Theatre is open based on available talent and events coming through town and show times vary. Please check the home page of our website for Door and Show times. We recommend that you sign up for our weekly email blast (from the home page of our website) so you know when events are scheduled.

When is Box Office open?

Our Box Office is open ONLY on show nights during concert hours, at the time of doors through near the end of the concert.

I bought VIP Tickets for a show, when will I be notified how to use my VIP tickets?

All VIP ticket holders will be notified by email special instructions, usually the week of the event and no later than 72 hours prior.

Do you still host Swing Dancing?

For over a decade the swing dance nights were very popular, regular events here at Murray Hill Theatre.  Because of the diminishing attendance we rarely do swing dance nights anymore but would love to reinstate them on a regular basis if demand allows it. Keep checking the schedule on our website to see if and when the next one is scheduled.

Do you have a lost and found?

Yes. Call or email for assistance finding your lost item. Please remember, we are not responsible for items lost or stolen at the Murray Hill Theatre. If it is valuable to you, it is probably safer at home or in your car.

Do you do private events?

Yes. Please refer to our Private Events page here on our website, or contact

How can I volunteer at Murray Hill Theatre?

This is a regular need for every event we have. We try to find qualified volunteers 16 years old or older who can help out a minimum of once a month for approximately 4 hours. If interested go to the “How Can I Help” section of our website for more info on how to apply.

Do you have Intern positions available at Murray Hill Theatre?

Our internship program is currently on hold, but you can learn a lot being a regular volunteer here which could lead to a reinstatement of the intern program. All internships are unpaid. If interested email us at

How can I contact the Murray Hill Theatre?

Full contact info is provided on our Contact tab of our webpage. You can contact us by emailing or calling 904.388.3179.

What time do doors open for a show?

Typically, it is a half hour before the start time of the show, at times an hour. We normally indicate on our home page and on the tickets times for ‘Doors’ and ‘Show’ to eliminate uncertainty.

Are food and beverages available at the Murray Hill Theatre?

Yes. We have a limited menu in our auditorium concession stand including bottled water, soft drinks, candy, snacks, ice cream bars and a few microwavable dinner items. Events that are hosted by Murray Hill Theatre Ministies (which are most of them) are alcohol-free events.

What is your capacity at Murray Hill Theatre?

Our maximum capacity is 598 General Admission standing-room only. For certain shows we put out chairs which reduces the capacity to 300. There is typically just a few chairs at the back of the auditorium that are available on a first come, first served basis, but the artists would prefer to see you standing in front of the stage with everyone else.

Is there an ATM at the Murray Hill Theatre?

No. Box Office accepts Visa & Mastercard. There is a small processing fee per ticket added to all credit transactions in the Box Office.

Can I take photos, video, or audio recordings of the show?

Murray Hill Theatre does not allow use of professional video or audio recording equipment without the expressed approval from the artist. No cameras with detachable lenses are allowed. Flash photography is never allowed, as it disrupts the experience of the artists and guests.

Is the Murray Hill Theatre handicapped accessible?

Yes we are. If you need special assistance please contact management well in advance at 904.388.3179 prior to the show.

Are all the artists & bands that play at Murray Hill Theatre Christian?

We normally reserve the Murray Hill Theatre stage for Christian artists but will entertain general market bands on a case-by-case basis provided their material and merchandise is generally positive and does NOT contain profanity, overt sexual references or innuendo, glamorize illicit activity such as drug use, and doesn’t directly contradict our core Christian beliefs. Profanity is NOT allowed or tolerated on the Murray Hill Theatre stage. All general market artists are carefully screened and are made aware of Murray Hill Theatre performance policies prior to their performance.


Mailing List

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