Mexidão featuring Kirk Brinkworth & Debora Dias

Mexidão featuring Kirk Brinkworth & Deb Dias

All Ages
Mexidão is a mixture of music such as Bossa Nova, Jazz, Pop & Christian, sung in Brasilian Portuguese & American English. By donation.

This event is a "donate what you want" event, but you do need to have a ticket to get in. We prefer that you reserve your tickets in advance but you can also get tickets at the door.

Mexidão, featuring Kirk Brinkworth and Debora Dias.

In Brasilian Portuguese, "mexidão" (pronounced: meh-shi-down) refers to a mixture of various foods, where the base is made from leftovers, but with added ingredients for extra seasoning. It is always something different, a unique creation each time, with new flavors and mixtures that occur only once each time. In a similar manner, Deb and Kirk are cooking up a tropical mixture of Christian music, Bossa Nova, Jazz and Pop, sung in Brasilian Portuguese and American English, with Deb on vocals and Kirk on keyboard and vocals.

Venue Information:
Murray Hill Theatre
932 Edgewood Ave S

Jacksonville, FL, 32205