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Murray Hill Theatre and the Fringe Cafe are both representations of Murray Hill Ministries a 501(c)(3) organization.


Thank you for your interest in performing at the Murray Hill Theatre!  Many bands seek this opportunity.  Therefore, it is important that you know what we are looking for in performance art.

As a Christian Faith-based venue, we are primarily looking for bands and artists who want to communicate hope and a positive message through their music and art.  We normally reserve our stage for Christian artists but will entertain general market bands on a case-by-case basis provided their material and merchandise is generally positive and doesn’t contain profanity, overt sexual references or innuendo; doesn’t glamorize the illicit use of alcohol, drugs and violence and doesn’t directly contradict our core Christian beliefs.

Well Known or Signed National Bands & Artists

The Murray Hill Theatre has hosted many well-known Christian bands and artists.  Please send your tour dates or preferred appearance dates to and we will get back to you.

Regional, Unknown or Unsigned National Bands & Artists

If you are located outside of the North Florida/South Georgia area or are more than 90 miles from Jacksonville, you may not have a following here.  However, we feel a deep desire to help bands get exposure in this area.  Therefore, we book unknown bands with bands who do have significant fan bases here provided we have openings and local support.

Local Bands

If you are in or within 90 miles of Jacksonville, you will need to draw a minimum of 20 paid fans to your show.  If not, then you may not be ready to play our venue.

Booking Application Process

We do not book via FaceBook or Reverbnation.  Please send us the items listed below in one submission.  An incomplete submission may result in a delay in processing your application or the unavailability of your preferred date(s).

Email the following items, in one submission to

  1. The lyrics for the songs you will perform.
  2. URL link(s) to your website, Facebook and/or other social media page that has samples of your music and/or videos and contains other information about you that will help us in considering your request.
  3. List of preferred appearance date(s).

Your application should be brief, direct and to the point.  Please, don’t send extensive electronic press kits.

We receive numerous requests for spots on our stage.  We carefully consider each request and will contact you if we have any questions or need anything else from you.  Your patience during this process is greatly appreciated and you are welcome to check back with us if you have not received a response.  However, if you have not heard from us, it may be that we do not have an opening or your application has been rejected.

We normally book 60 to 90 days out.  If your application is accepted, we will work with you on booking a date for your performance.

Your Commitment

If you are selected to perform at the Murray Hill Theatre, you must make a solid commitment to promote your show(s) and make every effort to get as many paid fans to your show(s) as possible.


Mailing List

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